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1970’s Collectible Design

The 1970s were, arguably, a culmination one of the most inventive eras in French and Italian design. It’s a decade that saw the liberation of design where older rules were ignored. Unorthodox space age and new designs loosened the stiff conventions of mid-century modernism and a new glamour was born.

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Parlez - vous Luxe?

Do we ever wonder why we are happy after spending a fortune on our luxe handbag or why does an occa-sion become special only when a Champagne cork pops? This and many other mysteries of fashionable life find its source in the most crucial period of elegance and luxury good- Louis XIV reign in France.

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Maximalism in France

French sense of taste has been forged in Paris and handed down by artists and decorators since the 17th Century. The 17th and 18th Century witnessed an expansion of exterior as well as interior design including furniture, tapestry, small scale sculptures, metalwork and other crafts. The French Kings were very much the generous patrons these artists and craftsmen needed.

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The Art of Collecting?

It’s a beautiful thing when a person’s home tells a story and draws you into their per-sonal life. Anais Nin once said: “luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are”. What draws us to collecting objects? Is it a personal desire for ac-quiring beauty or a more calculating move to invest wisely?

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