Taramis Interiors

Online Gallery for vintage design furniture and decorative objects. info@taramis.net


I believe in creating our treasure trove of extraordinary objects, a modern version of the 16th Century "Wunderkammer" mixing everything from artefacts to artworks and furniture, in an intuitive way. I was born in Paris and was greatly influenced by the spirit of the city. When I discovered the eclectic homes of Elsa Schiaparelli and YSL & Pierre Bergé I fell in love with this aesthetic.

After receiving a History Degree from King's College University in London, I worked at Sotheby's and went on to have a career in high fashion. Always a treasure hunter and whilst collecting art and vintage design myself an opportunity presented itself to work for an art collector in London which inspired me for this project. The glamour of the 1970's has always been an inspiration and most of the objects I pick have a Hollywood Regency allure to them along with of course the inevitable Mid Century period. Italian, French and American Mid Century furniture and objects are the muses of Taramis Interiors.

Always on the lookout for special original items and eternally searching for beauty...